Closing speech – Migrante Europe (EN)



Migrante-Europe Message of Solidarity to Speakout Event in Berlin

The phenomenon of peoples’ movement from one location to another is undeniably changing the character and shape of the world, both locally and abroad. Peoples’ movement is characterized both by voluntary and forced migration. In the case of the Filipinos, migration is a product of extreme poverty and unemployment. The worsening economic challenges in the Philippines have aggravated the growing number of land-based and sea-based Filipino workers abroad. There are more than 4,000 migrant Filipinos that leave the country each day and they can be found in around 182 countries worldwide.

Migrant workers are giving substantial contribution to the economies of both the host and their home countries. Unfortunately, migrants and refugees, have always been made scapegoats for the economic crises in their respective host countries: from being blamed for ‘stealing’ jobs from locals, through being branded as an additional ‘strain’ and ‘burden’ to social services. Filipinos living and working in European countries feel the impact of anti-migrant policies of the European Union and non-member states, and the racism among the local population that these policies engender.

Whilst migrant and refugees are often on the firing line in regards immigration issues, they are not given the platform to speak for themselves, not only to rightfully input on the whole migration debate, but more importantly to uphold and forward a rights-based approach on the issue.

Our presence here today manifests our strong desire to strengthen our relationship and solidarity between and among migrants to collectively promote migrants’ and refugees’ rights against all forms of discrimination, exploitation in the workplace and in the community and resist all anti-migrant policies.

Today, we would like to remind leaders of nations that the economy of the world would never survive a day with us.

Congratulations to the organizers of and participants to SPEAKOUT EVENT here in Berlin of the International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees.

The People United will never be defeated!

Long live International Solidarity!


Father Herbert Fadriquela
London, United Kingdom




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